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DHCP, DNS, and even WINS (if you’re feeling nostalgic) all must be working properly or else what could seemingly be an MDT/WDS problem, could actually be a network problem.MDT uses two ways to connect to the server over the network, USB key, and PXE.

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Once installed, we can access any of the components from the “Start Menu”. Select a folder where you want to store all the binaries (applications, operating system, etc.) MDT will use. Now we are going to evaluate some interesting step-by-step procedures for automated deployment of Windows 7 Microsoft Office 2010 using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010. Once the process completes, we should see this in our MDT 2010 Management Console. In “Deployment Shares”, expand the deployment share we’ve just created, right click “Operating Systems” and select “Import Operating System”. Since this is a clean image from the Windows 7 media, select “Full set of source files” and click on “Next”. I’m selecting the D:\ directory since I have attached the Windows 7 media in this drive. The current version of this free deployment tool is Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 with Update 1. Ensure that the option “Ask if an image should be captured” is checked and click on “Next”. Another option we can select in this stage is if we are going to let users who are deploying an image can set the local administrator password. Leave deselected also the option for “Ask user for a product key”. Once the deployment share is created, the next step is to add the files from the Windows 7 image. The WIM is used for copy to an WDS server and served-up via PXE.The ISO is meant for a CD-ROM, or the modern USB key.For creating reference images, I like to set up a local account on the MDT server that can be used for authenticating to the Deployment Share.


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